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Strange dreams...

My, my, my... I've been having some weird/strange dreams as of to date. The details are fuzzy, considering that I'm a ditz and don't write this stuff down just as I get up... but what can one do at freaking 5am in the morning. I'm barely there as it is. :) Anyway I’ve been having dreams about going to school again... and or working in a school.... it changes here and there.... but it's me in school. And get this my honey (one I’ve never seen before) works there and or goes there... but she's there. And I'm having fun there (HA... school really wasn't my cup of tea...) but I was and it's just strange. Perhaps I should look this dream up and find out what it really means... or am I having a premonition? Hum.... something to think about.
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So, who is this new honey of yours? Do you see her face or is it to, shrouded in mystery?
I haven't a clue, but would like to know. :) Alas, it's been awhile and i'm dork for not writing my dreams/visions down first thing in the morning... From what i can remember was that she had soulful dark eyes, short dark hair... She was beautiful!