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Feeling there...

Well, I woke up in a good mood considering dealing with my DNA donor of a father. I’ll be sure to make a character in one of my stories just for him… And I’ll make sure he gets munched on real good--yep, yep. Well, I did the snake handler thing after work… my mom found them again and I helped placed them in a box and released them in the field across from us. Five babies… my bro said they looked like king snakes or something… I took some shots of them with my camera--so I could reference them later.

Well, I cleansed myself last night… Didn’t want the negativity I had over our little squabble to linger on through the night. I did my thang and I felt good. I just love the smell of Sage… And I was doing my thing Sami came over and was like totally scared of something that was standing near me. Seems an entity was present… It wasn’t negative--as far as I could remember. It was just strange seeing Sami cowering from it and laying patiently for me to finish. She wanted to come closer, but it seemed that the entity wouldn’t allow it. Interesting… It’s not like she hadn’t seen spirits before considering…
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