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Waking up...

Oh my goddess! I woke in a good mood--again. And it’s strange in way considering that its been SO long since I felt this way and it’s cool beans. I kinda wonder what’s happening with me… Weird is that I haven’t been going to bed at my usual time--one would think I’d come crashing down to earth soon… or perhaps its something different. And I don’t remember any strange dreams… hell I don’t even remember dreaming. Interesting…

With that guess what I was greeted too this morning as I was putting on my shoes for work… I found a baby snake laying on my discarded clothes on the floor. It looked exactly like the five other’s I freed yesterday. I freaked! Not that I’m afraid of snakes it’s just that it was in MY room and how in the hell did it get inside. And it was the very spot that I had just walked by as I got up too… so I could’ve been bitten… Ugh! And where were my protectors? Munching on doggie biscuits they were. I then picked it up, stuck it in a garbage bag and set it free in the field just like I did the others. I then scanned my area and to my delight hadn’t found any of his buddies. Woo Hoo!!
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