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I was here...

Well, this makes another day (third I think) of waking up in a good mood. Considering that I went to sleep around 12ish… and I had to get up at 5 for work. I guess I slept like a log… I don’t remember if I dreamed or not, but oh well. Nonetheless, I had fun staying up late… :)

Work was good, considering. The only negatives I had with was that the damn latex gloves I used didn’t have much powder in them and now the back of my right hand has a rash on it… And the next, was that I was knelt down to add something to a tray as I got up I ripped the back of my pants on the corner of a stainless steel shelf. Thank the great goddess that I had my wallet in my back pocket cuz, it would’ve ripped my happy ass… and that would be bad indeed. I don’t need another scar on my ass. Nope one is enough.

Oh, I got some more pics back… a few of me in my costume… from this year and last. I had some cool shots of me and the kids… but luck wasn’t on my side and they were blurry and messed up. At least I have some more shots of Shaman and Sami when they were younger…
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