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Oh, my...

I know it’s way past my bedtime, but I’m having fun chilling with my bud. Anyway, I’m giddy from seeing Sarah Mclachlan’s latest music video… yummy! I just love her song ‘fallen’.

Okay, my day was an alright one… about time… one needs those kind of days. Too many of the others would drive one insane with violence. The weekend is finally here and I’m gonna work on my stories… need to--so behind. Almost through with my assassin story tho… YAY!

Oh, my the weather is growing colder along with it the aches in my body grow more bolder. Kinda like the gray hair that’s shattered about my ever going mess of hair. Ah, well gives one character right? Right? Okay I’m getting a nervous twitch going on now… my body must be telling me--no screaming at me to get the hell in bed… but I try and ignore it… I wanna stay up. Unfortunately I’m experiencing some major brain farts thus seconding what my body is screaming out. Hee hee I guess I should go before I pass out on the keyboard or something…
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