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On a coast somewhere...

I felt so out of it last night. My sinus’ were all messed up and my head… well it was throbbing like hell. So, I went to bed early… and woke up refreshed. WOO HOO! I was in good mood all day considering… that I work with morons. I swear there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

Nonetheless I continued with my job with a sly smirk on my face and my mind on a coast somewhere. Cuz, this don’t mean shit. It’s a just a stupid job that makes a little bit of money--right? Right. Money that I must save as go where my heart desires… a vacation, perhaps… Either way they can all blow to the wind with their holier than thou attitudes. But not before shoving this job up their asses! But I’m not bitter… nope. Not at all. And I still have this smirk on my face as my mind is on a coast somewhere.

And D I’m totally not mad at ya. .. No worries there. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t amuse ya.
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