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What a weekend...

First off it's getting cold outside. I detest the cold... but hey that's what i get for living in Missouri, right? Oh, well. Next was the damn vacuum cleaner... I was gonna do the homemaker thingy this weekend and do the floors--but that was shot to hell considering that the damn thing went crazy and was like roaring out in a horrible way. Kinda like it had been attacked by Leatherface or something... at least i did the laundry. Woo hoo!

Onto the next rant... my dreams. I had the strangest and messed up ones last night. I was surrounded by darkness... a being or entity was like hoarding around me. Leading me somewhere--somewhere I didn't want to go. I couldn't do anything, but follow. I didn't like the feeling at all. Not one bit. It felt bad... negative. I tried to control my dreams, but it was to no avail. Hell I don't even know if they were dreams... perhaps they were visions. But whatever they were I'd suddenly awake with a start. My heart racing and brow covered in sweat. Being that I was tired and all I closed my eyes again and start to drift off when I was there again with it. It seemed to be getting worse each time I close my eyes... finally I had to turn the TV on and I finally passed out from exhaustion. Strange...

And finally... our internet connection is spazing... i'll be lucky if i can even post this tonight, UGH!!!!
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