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This is like my favorite holiday of the year… Hell of a day it is!

Was a zombie this morning, cuz I stayed up late getting my costume ready for today. I waited till the last minute to make it or get it together I should say. I was a slayer/soldier gal. Had the OD cargo pants, my tan tee with an iron on with the word ‘slayer’ on the back and a Celtic like knot cross on the front, a boonie hat, a tent peg (my makeshift stake), a military vest, my combat boots, and finally camo paint for my face. I looked okay… for a quick costume--ya know? Considering we couldn’t dress in a scary costume… (or i would've dressed as Micheal Myers)

Anyhow… Well, there was a contest for best costume and guess what? I won second place… Weird. There were two others who looked better than mine… but hey, I never won costume contest before. Coolies for me huh?
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